January of 2012 I came down with the flu even though I had taken the flu shots.  It was a rough time but with Dr. help I got through it.  It was tough going as I was still on the board for trying to purchase the golf course but made most of the meeting.  This board was terminated when another group of members pooled their resources and bought Mill Creek golf course and named it Mill Creek Country Club.
This golf hole was the first one that was updated with this drainage area made into a good looking hazard with limestone blocks on both sides with water so no escaping if your ball finds this water way.  It is a par three hole so a nice high drop shot will put you on the green.  The new owners also trimmed trees, laid new sod and made this an attractive golf hole.  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
These two pictures shows the work with the two big machines used to dredge this drainage area.  We played golf around them and often stopped to watch the progress.  The finished work is shown in the next photo and it makes a fantastic improvement.  It also included below the concrete bridge replacing the old wooden one.
This picture above is the golf  hole where I live called The Heart of Texas.  This view was taken at 7:30 a.m. on one of my early morning walks.
​This is the club house area with plans by the new owners to expand the club house and cart shed.  The club house will be bigger with a new kitchen and dinning area, pro shop and office spaces.  Plans are to begin work on this during the winter months.
Most of the family was here in August so golf was played around the rain. Here is the group as they came by the house.  Bill with Pat next, then Jackie, Russ and Doug.  Russ and Jackie both made long putts for par. Since was cart path only they just played nine but got to see the updated golf holes above.

We also have some time for Johnnies BBQ which is a must for Bill and Pat from Chicago.  Always nice to get together whenever we can.   It worked out that Brian and Cindy were here too as they had planned a trip to Texas to visit Tyler, Travis and his family, also see Iowa State Football game here in Texas.
My guests for two days in October was Jackie, Katie, Taylor and Emma Kate.  It was great to have them drive down to Salado for a visit.  Taylor loves games and we had several sessions of Go Fish and a Princess game.  I love games and remember playing them with Katie when she was that age.  Emma Kate is a wise little one going on thirty she is one of a kind. Thanks for the visit.
A friend from church took this picture of our Community Choir concert on Dec. 5th.  Don't be fooled I am not singing a solo.  Dottie the wife of our Director directs the Women's chorus and we sang Silver Bells and White Christmas.  The lady sitting next to men  sings tenor with the men all  the women were left out of this picture.  We have almost 48 in our chorus and they are a fun group.

I think he cropped this picture just to tease me about singing a solo.  I was in charge of the food as we serve the Friends who support the chorus at 6:00 p.m. then all the chorus and family members eat after the concert.  We planned on serving 120 and had very little left.  It was a long day but had a great time.
Blessings to all and much success and happiness in 2014